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CASE STUDY 73 Technology IQ In order to better understand how Technology IQ uses technology to solve business problem, we asked Mr Parker to relate a case study to us. The Result: The company had a successful series of trade shows and was able to target their efforts more effectively. This allowed them to employ less staff on the trade stand during the trade fairs, some of the marketing staff actually stayed back at the office capturing the customer information as it came live and starting the call backs and mail outs which led to an increase in efficiency and profits. So how can Technology IQ be summed up in three words. Mr Parker said: “Our approach Case Study Company profile: SME with 27 employees Project: Marketing The company was spending a great deal of money on attending trade fairs to promote their business to new and existing clients. They found that the various methods they had tried to capture data on mass from the previous trade fairs they had attended had not worked. When they approached Technology IQ they were assigned a business development consultant that discussed their existing concerns and also the various issues that would impact on the company based on the technology-based solutions that were available. After this initial consultation a detailed report was drawn up outlining possible solutions and giving recommendations with an accompanying business case. The company then had the time to consider the options and choose the most effective one for it. It chose to go with Technology IQ’s recommendation, which was to provide a text back service during the trade fair. In fact the company liked the idea so much it bought the service for a year. to our clients is based on Independence, Value and Excellence. We offer our clients best advice on all projects and solutions, in partnership with our client’s business needs, rather than commercial arrangements. Our clients always come first.” The Solution: The company received an account which included a five-digit number for prospective customers to send a text to. All the customers had to do was type their name and the name of their company and send the text to the number which was displayed on the trade stand. Once this was completed they received an automated response saying ‘Thank you for your interest. A representative will get back to you shortly’ along with the names supplied. Other data such as telephone numbers were captured and put into a spreadsheet where the information could be represented in various forms. This information was all made available online in real time so the company was able to analyse its footfall data alongside our data to see what was working for them on the trade stand. “We also bring an intense focus on delivering value through our insights of market, the development and application of technology and our culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility in working with our clients. We are committed to unremitting excellence and quality in every aspect of our work in our relationships with our clients, in the client projects and assignments we deliver, and in the people who work with us who enjoy the demands of constantly striving for higher standards.“ For further information visit www.techiq.co.uk You can email sales@techiq.co.uk. ISSUE FIVE 2007 engage | uk