engage magazine issue 005 \\\'07 - Page 71

CASE STUDY 71 SmartChartz Abiola also made use of training courses that Business Link London recommended. More recently, she has been on a course on public sector contracts. “That’s my target market now and it helps to understand how to fill in their proposals,” she says. “It was excellent, as it has given me the confidence to talk to them now.” Expanding into new areas It was an innocuous conversation Abiola had with the head of music at a school in Barnet that initiated her business expansion into training and development courses. “The teacher had heard about my product and said I must have developed some understanding of how to get children to behave on the back of developing my product,” she recalls. Abiola started by training specialist music teachers and has since trained other primary school teachers in classroom management from Barnet (where her home business is based), Lambeth, Harrow and Kingston. But it’s not just the education sector that’s interested in Abiola’s techniques. “I’ve also been asked to provide training to businesses on managing workplace dynamics,” she says. This takes her classroom management skills into the boardroom and businesses around the country. Abiola is realistic about what this means for ѡɔȁ̸ͥq%ɑȁѼɽЁѡɅɽɅɽ́ѡݡѡU,$ݥٔѼɕեЁͽхѼt̸͡ͅЁѡͅѥ́ɕٕ́ɽɕ́݅ѥ܁ͥ́ȁM 谁́ݕ́ѕ́ɕՕѥɽɽՍи%ӊéȁ䁙ɽаݡeЁ܁ݡɔѼ͕ѥȁ̸ͥq$ݽձeЁݡɔ$ѽݥѡЁ ͥ́11éЁЁѡt̸͡q5䁕ɥݽɭݥѠѡ́ɕͥѥٔt()éѽѥ)I͕ɍȁɭЃLЁɽݡɕeЁȁ䁽ȁɥ́ݡѡȁѡeݡЁ׊eɔɥI͕ɍȁɥЁЁɝЁɕ́eЁٔչ٥ͥ쁉᥉՝Ѽȁ̰ͥ́́ݡЁ׊eɔ́ѥɕѕѼȁɥɽՍЁȁ()%MMU%Y܁լ((0