engage magazine issue 005 \\\'07 - Page 62

62 NETWORKING CULTURES British Turkish Business Community An ery little is known about Turkish minority businesses, how they are evolving, the depth of ethnic and non ethnic-based networks that they create or are drawn into, and very importantly, how they are “managing to survive”. The project aimed to understand the interrelationship between culture and immigrant entrepreneurship with reference to London’s Turkish community. One hundred seventy nine face-to-face interviews were conducted with entrepreneurs who work in retail, wholesale, and catering sectors. • There is a relationship between the religion and business experience of Turkish speaking entrepreneurs and their firms' recruitment. • The English fluency of the entrepreneurs also influences their choice of using formal channels for advice as well as the choice of targeted mainstream customers. Exploration of London’s Turkish businesses In engage Issue 2 we told you about a new project underway, funded by the British Academy and researched by Dr Levent Altinay . The project has just been completed and some snippets of the findings is outlined below: The interrelationship between culture and entrepreneurship: an exploration of London’s Turkish