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60 sUPPORTING sTART-UPs Future Entrepreneurs “Supporting start-ups will add dynamism and innovation to our economy and also help to give direction and focus to those who are talented, enthusiastic and have potential; it will create jobs and ultimately wealth.” Tim said the idea for the Trust came when, after leaving Amstrad to set up his own health and beauty company, he found it very difficult to get finance and real-world business information. “Finding people who had actually been there and were able to pass on much-needed information to me was very difficult,” he said. “Also, I learnt that in order to succeed you had to know and fit in with an established business community; the saying always is that ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’, and that’s very true. “With the Bright Ideas Trust I want to teach young people how to be part of the investment cycle in order to seek funding of their business idea.” “With the Bright Ideas Trust I want to teach young people how to be part of the investment cycle in order to seek funding of their business idea.” Existing companies, in particular large accountancy and legal firms, large public and private banking institutions and their clients, will be invited to donate at least £250 to the BIT, which will be used for starting up businesses. Campbell hopes to secure £1m from 4,000 firms and has a target of achieving 365 start-ups – one per day, for a year. In return for their investment, each company will get space on the BIT website and access to its database of entrepreneurs, Business Angels, venture capitalists and other investors in business looking for interesting ventures to support. The Bright Ideas Trust will also act as a think-tank and will put forward practical and workable ideas to Government on how to benefit people in business. “Programmes like The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den have been brilliant for getting people enthused about business and the Government’s enterprise initiatives have been well received,” Campbell said. “What the Bright Ideas Trust aims to do is harness this enthusiasm and focus it with funding and invaluable guidance which is crucial at the start up stage of any business.” The Trust has received huge support from both the government and the opposition, with both Tory leader David Cameron and the Prime Minister Gordon Brown personally endorsing the Trust. The Trust has also managed to secure the backing of several key partners – BT, the British Library, Orange, and several more. Having gained experience in the health and beauty division at Amstrad, alongside the Bright Ideas Trust, Tim will also launch a male grooming business early next year. Next year is going to be a busy but exciting year for the talented, level-headed Mr Campbell. But after the tasks and challenges he had to face on the ‘Apprentice’ under the questioning and approval of Sir Alan Sugar, I am sure he’s ready and up for the challenge. I’m sure Sir Alan would agree too! engage | uk ISSUE FIVE 2007