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SUPPORTING START-UPS 59 Future Entrepreneurs Bright Ideas? Innovation to our economy Tim Campbell tells engage magazine’s Colette Machado about his new business established to support the future generation of entrepreneurs, The Bright Ideas Trust. e was the winner of the first series of the BBC programme ‘The Apprentice’, landing himself a £100,000-a-year job in the health and beauty division of one of Sir Alan Sugar’s companies, Amstrad. Following his outstanding win, not only did Sir Alan publicly state that Mr Tim Campbell was the “right choice”, but he also said he found Tim such a “great asset” that when his 12month long H contract with Amstrad ended, he [Sir Alan] decided to keep him on. Now, however, the ambitious, entrepreneurial, level-headed Tim Campbell, a former London Underground manager before his ‘Apprentice’ win, is on a mission to help others pursue their business dream. In March this year, Campbell, launched ‘the concept’ for his own company, the Bright Ideas Trust (BIT), after privately commissioned research among unemployed 16 to 29 year olds revealed that thousands of young the future entrepreneurs to apply for the Trust to support their ‘bright idea’, one of the main criteria, alongside age, and other factors. Tim told engage magazine: “I am seeking to help our future entrepreneurs. Selected applicants will receive a full business package of funding, support, mentoring and much more. He added: “Supporting start-ups will add dynamism and innovation to our economy and also help to give direction and focus to those “What the Bright Ideas Trust aims to do is harness this enthusiasm and focus it with funding and invaluable guidance which is crucial at the start up stage of any business.” people want to start their own businesses, but lack the advice, encouragement, and investment needed to get started. The official launch of the company will be in the New Year, when he will be inviting who are talented, enthusiastic and have potential; it will create jobs and ultimately wealth.” A not-for-profit organisation, the BIT aims to support young entrepreneurs with funding as well as real-world advice from people who have delivered business solutions and established their own businesses. ISSUE FIVE 2007 2007 engage ISSUE THREE engage | uk