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DOING BUSINESS 53 Central London, City & Docklands London Chamber of Commerce London Chamber of Commerce is the largest independent business support and networking organisation in London and the Voice of London Business. Membership provides you with networking, business and legal advice, marketing solutions, business-related events, a meeting space and discounted services to members, and a HR support service, among other benefits. Membership is corporate, meaning that membership includes all staff rather than one individual within a company. Services are free and are exclusive to members. London Chamber of Commerce and Industry 33 Queen Street, London, EC4R 1AP Tel: 020 7248 4444 Fax: (0)20 7489 0391 Email: lc@londonchamber.co.uk www.londonchamber.co.uk London First Hobhouse Court, Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HH Tel: 020 7665 1500 Fax: 020 7665 1501 Email: staff@london-first.co.uk www.londonfirst.co.uk Think London Think London connects international businesses to London, helping them set up, succeed and grow. Its service is comprehensive, confidential and funded — and free to clients. It has direct access to expert and experienced professionals, who advise and guide overseas companies through every aspect of locating and doing business in London. Experts work with government and the business community to provide access to suitable people, places and opportunities in the city. Think London Level 35, 25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB Tel: 020 7718 5400 Fax: 020 7718 5454 Email: info@thinklondon.com www.thinklondon.com . City Fringe Partnership The City Fringe Partnership (CFP) aims to encourage small and medium-sized business growth and to develop employment opportunities in specific strategic industries located within the City Fringe (the area to the north and east of the City of London, covering parts of the London boroughs of Camden, Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets). The CFP is an economic development and regeneration partnership, set up to increase economic growth and social inclusion in the area. Established in 1996, it is funded by and works in partnership with the City of London Corporation and the London Boroughs of Camden, Islington, Hackney, and Tower Hamlets, as well as the London Development Agency. City Fringe Partnership Unit 3.06, Tea Building 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ Tel: 020 7729 2814 Fax: 020 7613 8129 Email: cityfringe@cityfringe.org.uk Website: www.cityfringe.org.uk Gateway to London Gateway to London aims to help businesses from within or outside the Thames Gateway, which extends from the City of London eastwards to Thurrock and Bexley, make the most of opportunities and expand. It provides investors in Thames Gateway London with the information they need to maximise opportunities and benefit from the unique area. Most services are free of charge and confidential. Gateway to London Compressor House, Dockside Road, London E16 2QD Tel: 020 7540 5560 Fax: 020 7540 5561 Email: info@gtlon.co.uk Website: www.gtlon.co.uk Docklands Business Club Docklands Business Club (DBC) offers support and knowledge to grow your business. Services include discounted and free networking opportunities, information resources and member moneysaving offers. Membership of DBC will also provide you with new business contacts and oppo ÉÑÕ¹¥Ñ¥•ÌÑ¼É…¥Í”å½ÕȁÁɽ™¥±”Ñ¼¥Ñ́¹•Ñݽɬ½˜µ•µ‰•É̸½­±…¹‘́ ÕÍ¥¹•Í́ ±Õˆ€ÄA…ɬA±…”° …¹…Éä]¡…ɘ°1½¹‘½¸ÄЀÑ!(Q•°è€ÀÈÀ€ÜÔÄ܀ÜäÐ܁…àè€ÀÈÀ€ÜÔÌ؀ÀÐÀÀÝÝܹ‘½­±…¹‘͉ÕÍ¥¹•Í̹½Éœ¹Õ¬Q¡”½­±…¹‘́¥¹±Õ‘•ÌÑ¡”…É•…́½˜1¥µ•¡½Õ͔° …¹…Éä]¡…ɘ°%ͱ”½˜½Ì…¹MÕÉɕ䁽­Ì¸()1½¹‘½¸¥ÉÍÐ)1½¹‘½¸¥ÉÍЁ¥Ì„‰ÕÍ¥¹•Í́µ•µ‰•ÉÍ¡¥À½É…¹¥Í…Ñ¥½¸Ý¡½Í”µ¥ÍÍ¥½¸¥ÌÑ¼ƒŠqµ…­”1½¹‘½¸Ñ¡”‰•ÍЁ¥Ñ䁥¸Ñ¡”Ý½É±¥¸Ý¡¥ Ñ¼‘¼‰ÕÍ¥¹•Íϊt¸%ЁɕÁɕ͕¹Ñ́ѡ”…Á¥Ñ…³Šé±•…‘¥¹œ•µÁ±½å•É́¥¸­•äÍ•Ñ½É́ÍՍ …́™¥¹…¹¥…°…¹‰ÕÍ¥¹•Í͕́ÉÙ¥•Ì°ÁɽÁ•ÉÑ䰁ÑɅ¹ÍÁ½Éа% P°É•…Ñ¥Ù”¥¹‘ÕÍÑÉ¥•Ì°¡½ÍÁ¥Ñ…±¥Ñ䁅¹É•Ñ…¥°¸Q¡”Ñ•…´Áɽ٥‘•Ì¥¹Í¥¡Ð¥¹Ñ¼1½¹‘½¸¥ÍÍՕ́…¹…¸¥¹‘•ÁÑ Á½±¥äÕ¹‘•ÉÍх¹‘¥¹œ°ÍÕÁÁ½Éѕ‰ä¥Ñ́µ•µ‰•Éϊd•áÁ•Éѥ͔¥¸Ñ¡•¥È™¥•±‘̸()%MMU%Y€ÈÀÀ܁•¹…”ðÕ¬((0