engage magazine issue 005 \\\'07 - Page 39

DISABILITY FACTS 39 Did you know? FACTS Braille Translations’ impressive list of clients includes the House of Commons, Odeon Cinemas, Krispy Creme Doughnuts, City Cruises and some London councils. He believes that more organisations will need his services in the future, particularly since the recent changes to the Disability Discrimination Act. Ghow plans to add more services in the future. He says, “My personal goal is to create a fully inclusive environment where disabled people have complete accessibility. My key ambition is to build the business and create as many job opportunities for blind and partially sighted people and people with disabilities.” When asked about how Braille Translations reached its position at the top of Google, Ghow replied, “We did a Google advert campaign sometime back. That proved to be quite worthy. We surely have a very healthy click rate on Google and it helps us maintain our position at the top.” Commenting on his success Ghow says, “I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams and regardless of whatever obstacles one must overcome in life, press forward with determination and a smile.” For more information email ghow@brailletranslations.co.uk or call 07005 860169. Visit www.brailletranslations.co.uk http://www.pera.com http://www.princes-trust.org.uk An estimated quarter of a million black and minority ethnic Londoners of working age are disabled. In 2001/02, only 35 per cent were in employment, a lowe ȁɽѥѡݡєͅȁФQչ嵕ЁɅєȁɥ䁕ѡ݅́ͅɱȁаɕݥѠāȁЁͅɥ䁕ѡɔѡݥ́́ݡєͅ)Mɍͅѡȁɭаͥ́1ȁɍMٕ䁑фȁ1ļȰ15ɥ̼İ)Յ()%MMU%Y܁լ((0