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NEWS FOCUS 37 Disability Networks The Association of Disabled Professionals The competition closed last month but the 2007 winner of the Stelios Disabled Entrepreneur Award will be presented with a cheque for £50,000, donated by Stelios himself, at the British Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious Chamber Awards ceremony at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum on 29 November. Sir Stelios said: “I am very passionate about encouraging an enterprising spirit and decided to work with Leonard Cheshire to set up this award. “With 50 per cent of disabled adults out of work, helping to remove the barriers disabled people face to being in business is essential. Selfemployment is the only viable option for many disabled people as it offers flexibility and helps bypass much of the prejudice that sadly still exists in the workplace.” Additionally, last month Leicester-based university De Montfort held its second course for disabled entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. The course, which was based on the university’s main starting a business course including topics such as raising finance, budgeting, business plan, was tailored to suit the needs of the delegates. Other topics included benefits available to disabled entrepreneurs. And as for other support for disabled entrepreneurs or those with a disability who are thinking of setting up a business? Here are some useful organisations that are aimed at helping disabled people into self-employment. 1 The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) defines a disabled person as someone who has a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and longterm adverse effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. 2 Source - Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey, Sept - Dec 2006. The Association of Disabled Professionals (ADP) provides a forum to enable disabled people to share personal experiences of successful professional development and to help create conditions for other disabled people to realise their career and workplace ambitions. The ADP provides employment advice, information and support for disabled people, including advice on benefit-related issues, networking opportunities and schemes such as Access to Work. Tel: 0208 778 5008 www.adp.org.uk living in Lambeth, Southwark or Wandsworth. Support includes help with business planning and funding, plus access to a business advisor or mentor. Tel: 01276 472 722 www.fredericksfoundation.net Leonard Cheshire Disability Leonard Cheshire Disability runs several programmes for disabled people wanting to start a business. The ‘Ready to Start’ programme, run in conjunction with Barclays, offers tailored support and training, including help with producing a business plan, testing business ideas and getting started. The Workability programme provides computer equipment and basic IT training to disabled people who are unemployed and actively seeking employment or going into further education. www.lcdisability.org The Disabled Entrepreneurs Network The Disabled Entrepreneurs Network, established by the Association of Disabled Professionals in 2001, provides Gf6R'W6W727W'BB6v7FrFF6&VBVG&W&VWW'2FW&fVBVv&W&G2F&Vv6W&W2b&Vvǒf7W6VBvV'6FW2FVâ#ssSwwrF6&VBVG&W&VWW'2W@FR&6^( 2G'W7@FR6&G&fFW27W'BBVFVrVRvFF6&ƗFW2BFRvV'6FR6F26WfW&W6VgVƖ2f"'Fr62G&rBFFFF2f"VrVRvFF6&ƗFW2FVâC"C"wwr&6W2G'W7B&rVVFW'&6r֖G0VFW'&6r֖G22F7W'BVRvFVFVF6FF2vv6F&V6R6VbVVBFRFFfR2vVB'g&VFW&62fVFFvFgVFrg&FRFFWfVVBvV7FfGV2W7B&RvVB"fW"@6rG'W7@FR6rG'W7B2F6&GFB&fFW2G&rBv&'GVFW2f"VRv&RV&RFv&GVRFF6&ƗGVF"FW"666&7V7F6W2FVâ##Rsc3wwr6rG'W7B&rV55TRddR#rVvvRV