engage magazine issue 005 \\\'07 - Page 10

10 NEWS FOCUS News New housing procurement guide launched A new guide to help housing associations employ small, local or ethnic minority-led businesses in their development procurement has been launched. The publication, by the London Housing Federations, provides a detailed guide for housing associations to promote equality in their development procurement practices, including a checklist of key action points. A recent report ‘Promoting Supplier Diversity in Development Procurement’ shows that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and ethnic minority businesses (EMBs) have great business potential for housing associations. The benefits of a diverse supplier base are outlined in the report, and it shows that housing associations can take simple steps to track and promote equality and diversity at all stages of the procurement process. The London Housing Federation is the London branch of the National Housing Federation, the trade body for housing associations. Businesses offered free 10-minute review Small businesses can get a 10-minute reality check with Business Link London’s Online Business Review tool. The Online Business Review tool uses a short questionnaire to identify what stage the business is at and how it is performing in key areas such as finance and marketing. It then provides an analysis of the business and identifies relevant opportunities and resources, which are specific to the users’ busine 726VvW2FW6R6VFR&FBfbƖR&W6W&6W2BF2BFWF2b&v6F2FB67W'B'W6W72w&wF'W6W72vW'266fRFV"'W6W727FBW6RBFG&6FV"&V7FfW2FRrFW&B2'BbFV"fW&'W6W72FRƖR'W6W72&WfWrF6&R66W76VB'f6Frwwr'W6W77F&6V&Fࠥ6f&2֗76rf&2W&W7266W&2WB *33&&WBfW"7WVVF''W6W72F6BVFV6VB'W6W76W2fRW&W76VBFV"6FFv&G2FRVBW6Rb7WVVF''W6W72&FW24%"FgVB6&V7G27V6FvVB&RW6VBFgVB&V7G27V62FR7&77&&V7BFRV6VVBv2FRFR&V6VB&R'VFvWB&W'Bv666V"Ɨ7F"F&ƖrV6VB2FVFFvfR6&R6VFW2BFRw&VFW"FWF&GFRvW"F&6RWF&VvF&V7BF'W6W76W2FRf'Vf"&fFR'W6W76W267W6VBF&ƖrbfƖrFFG&W72FR77VW2b6W"'W6W76W22f'7B&R'VFvWB&W'BF&ƖrFVƗfW&VB27VV6FFR627F&W"#r'WB֗GFVB&VGV7FFRF'W&FVf"6'W6W76W26'W6W76W2&R7FfƖrF6FƗ6RFR76&ƗFW2bFR *33&R6W&6R&WB66&FrFWr&W6V&6V&ǒbbFR7BB'W6W76W27W'fWVB'vV"7Fr6Vv&B6vBƖR6'WBF( BWBfRRFFFǒFW6R6W2&R֗76rWBGfW'F6r&GV7G27267VF6r6FW27V62T&VƶB6r6ࠥFR7W'fWfVBFBFRV&W"RVFVBFFr'W6W72ƖRv26bFV66vVFvRF2v266VǒfvVB'66W&2&WBfFrFR&vB&GV7G2v'&W2&WBFRVBbFRFRvR&6W72vVBFRBFR766FVB67G2ǒRb'W6W76W2fVBFBFW&RvW&R'7F6W2R62r6W2F66W72FRFW&F&WBrfW'6V2G&Frf&RFf"6'W6W76W2ࠧVVvvR55TRddR#p