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FIND EMPLOYEES 79 Recruitment and our one-to-one coaching, I don’t think she would have applied. But she did, and her application was brilliant. So, the client told us, was her performance at interview and assessment centre. When she called me to say she had got the job, I can honestly say that was one of the best moments of my life”. More information on Rare is available at www. rarerecruitment.co.uk RecRuItIng excellence foR AfRIcA global career company is another example of a niche recruitment business whose Careers in Africa recruitment service focuses on sourcing and recruiting high calibre African graduates and professionals for the large companies that are based in Africa. This company has built its success via a new and increasingly successful approach of providing recruitment events, designed to bring national and international companies in Africa together with African graduates and professionals living outside the continent. These events attract multinationals and large African companies such as Diageo, Shell, KPMG, Standard Chartered Bank, Oracle and Celtel, who place great value in being able to access highly educated and skilled African graduates in one place. Currently, they help over 100 companies recruit the future business leaders across Africa. Their last event took place at the Hilton, Canary Wharf, in May 2007. 55 of the largest companies in Africa participated and were exposed to over 1,000 top African graduates, mainly from the uK and europe with some representation from the uSA. These were handselected from an applicant base of over 11,000. career company also owes its success to its uniquely balanced diverse workforce which is staffed by nationals of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Mozambique, China, Nigeria, Liberia, Ethiopia, Russia and the UK. “When you operate on a global basis, a workforce that understands and reflects your customer base becomes vital in terms of networks that are required, and the ‘local’ knowhow of doing business in each market says Rupert. To be considered for any of the Careers in Africa initiatives, successful candidates must have an excellent academic track record (to at least undergraduate degree level), fluency in English, French or Portuguese, outstanding intellectual and interpersonal skills and work authorisation for at least one African country. Rupert Adcock, Managing Director and founder of Global Career Company and Careers in Africa commented. “Our unique recruitment events have grown at a tremendous pace. We started using this approach five years ago, with the buy-in of 11 companies looking strategically at their resourcing capabilities. Today we have over 100 of these Corporates wishing to participate in our recruitment summits and our problems are now more about finding a suitable and large enough venue to accommodate events of this magnitude.” Global to date, global career company has placed 3,000 professionals into Africa. An unbelievable achievement and one they are very proud of. More information on Global Career Company is available at www. careersinafrica.com ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk