engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 75

HEALTH MAINTENANCE 75 Drinking Water Solutions bottled water industry before settling into his own specialist area. From working and gaining experience in the latter, he realised that the water cooler market was developing into a £1 billion plus industry. He knew that he wanted to tap into an alternative solution to this, which he did using a filtering system. With a deepening entrepreneurial spirit, the year 2004 was a poignant one, as he launched his new water business aptly called Drinking Water Solutions. Peter has not looked back. This isn’t the only aspect that sets him apart from his peers. This suave, 38 year old runs the only black business set up to plumb-in water coolers. Its special filters acts as a screening process, not only to stave off potentially life-threatening bacteria and viruses, but also as an alternative solution to water being exposed to chemicals when its been stored in plastic water bottles. One such chemical is Antimony. Antimony is a poisonous substance that leaks from the plastic from which all water bottles are made. This leakage contaminates the water and can alter its taste. The poison is such that when consumed, it enters the blood stream and may cause major health conditions such as headaches, dizzines \\[ۈ[Z][ˈ[^[YH\\\H\X^H]\H]\K\X[[[XYHX[ &\]\[\[[Z[]\\ˈۘH[XY[H]\\\YH\[HYܙH[Y\[HH\]\ H\\HX[[Y][ۙHXZH][^[Y[H]X]H[\Y[܈[[ۙH\ۘ\YX]XZ[Z[[Z\X[ ]]X[X[܈\[\][Y[[ܛ ]\\ۙY[]\]\H\[\\XZ[H[ۙۈ[\][[ۈ\]\Z[YH\Yۈۜ]Y\[H\][]\[[]\][ۜ˂\[ܛX][ۈ\ݚYYHYY\ۙXYH[Z[ۈو\[[]\]K&\XH0L \\܈[[][ۋ][[YXK\H\HH۝Z[\HYYܙH[XXH[H\Y[[ \XZ\][\H[\ۛY[ YX\ܘYHXH[YX\H\و[\[\[Z\X[[[[]\\ˈH]\\[H\\Y܈X\Y[YH[Y\[\\[^\ˈ[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈHY\[X[\܈\Z[ܙ[\][ۜ\]Z[XHۈHX]N˙[[]\][ۜ˛ܙ˝Z\Z H˙[[]\][ۜ˛ܙ˝Z\\ Hܙ[\][ۜ H˙[[]\][ۜ˛ܙ˝Zܙ][ۜˈH]\&\ٙ\[ۘ[[H\\X]XZ[‚Hٚ] x&\\H]X[Y]H܈H[\ۛY[[ܙY[\Y\ˈH\\[ۘ]HX]Z\[]\[\\[\]]H[[]\][ۜ\Z[X[]KX[XZ[[[K][[]X[ܙKH\[[Y[][[[Y\YX]HH[[X]H[Y]و]\\X[\H\[X[[\Y]\܈]8&\\Z[YX[[Y]ˈ]\&\X\HH][\\[H[]و^H[[ܙHۜ[\X[Y\Y[[\[܈H]\K]\ۙY\YK]\\[[۝XH]]H[XXܜܘ][ۜ\\Y\YH\Z[[^YYY]Hݙ\Y[[\[\\[\ˈY\][]\XۘZ\ۚY H[^\[XX[܈^H\و]\\X]YK[]\۸&]\]Y[^H\ۈH\H^HH\H\[KY\[^YHۈ]\[\[[[[]\][ۜ\H\\Z[HܙX][HܛH[H[XY Z[[\Y]\\[\K]\[H۝XY][[]\][ۜێ[ L[ؚ[N M ̈L[XZ[[\[[[]\][ۜ˛ܙ˝Z‚]\H[\&\XBTQHT [YHZ‚