engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 74

74 HEALTH MAINTENANCE Peter Campbell The water specialist who has revolutionised the way we can access water from our taps. By Valerie Lothian, Health Journalist W ater is the sustenance of life. It covers over three-quarters of the earth, is visible from space and makes up over 75% of the human body. It is essential that we replenish and sustain ourselves with this pure resource regularly on a daily basis. One man who has recognised this and made it his sole business to share his dream with others, has made the following statement his own: “Water - The Drinker’s Choice!” This is a mantra that Peter Campbell has not only adopted, he physically surrounds himself with it. For those of you who don’t yet know him, Peter Campbell is the water specialist who has revolutionised the way that we can access water from our taps. From his Islington-based business Drinking Water Solutions or “DWS”, Peter and his team of engineers have supplied different organisations (such as schools, colleges, universities, small businesses and corporate bodies) with DWS’s distinctive product. This has encouraged his clients to radically increase their water intake to make it the drinker’s choice. DWS’s product actually filters the water by using specialised plumbed-in water coolers. This strategy is very simple, safe, pure and extremely effective. Peter hasn’t always been involved with water. In his student days he studied the more conservative Electronic Engineering. When he graduated, he moved into Sales & Marketing, then worked in the engage | uk ISSUE FOUR 2007