engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 73

IntervIew 73 New Start–up Q What successes (if any) have you had so far with business? Well as it’s a start up, I’m still to reach success, however attending network meetings, and I’ve been to several, you get to learn about other people’s business experiences and that only adds to learning and personal development. So from that perspective, meeting new people and telling them about the business is always good. Doing the market research was also an experience. Some people have time to talk with you others don’t, you just have to persevere. Being involved with the design of the website and marketing material was also fun at times. Q What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about going into business or has just recently set up their business? My advice would be to definitely get a business plan written, this will give clarity and focus of what to expect and what needs to be done. • Take advantage of all the FREE resources available for start ups, contact business link and all the other business agencies that assist small businesses. Talk to successful business owners and find out what makes them tick and pick their brains. • Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce as they also provide valuable resources, advice and support. • Invest in motivational material because you will need it at times. I have found Les Brown to be my preferred motivator. • Attend as many FREE network seminars and workshops as possible as you never know who you will meet and what may develop. • Try and detach personal problems from your business vision and mission. This can be hard but necessary. • If you’re doing research online organise your favorite’s websites into folders, I swear by this, it can save precious time and is good practice. • If you instruct a third party to undertake any work for you, make sure you have agreements drawn up, and penalties in place if they do not deliver on time. • Try not to purchase brand new equipment to start off with as this will diminish essential cash flow, look for bargains wherever possible, eBay, auctions and markets are all great for purchases. And finally, stay committed, focused and never give up. Leon Hutchinson of Team Tradesmen can be contacted on 07958615050 or at leon@teamtradesmen.co.uk. Q Did you receive financial support or training from anywhere? Well I got turned down from my bank to assist me, so I raised funds by refinancing my property. I also took advantage of the many FREE online resources as far as learning about internet marketing, how search engines work and what will eventually work for my business. I also attended business seminars and workshops that are Free provided by my local business agencies. Croydon Enterprise and Business Link were very helpful. ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk