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NETWORKING CULTURES 71 Gisella Boutique Jan agrees, “We markete d ourselves fo BME market r the and promoted the bridal side clothing how of the ever we both knew that we far more.” could do Using the va st network of London MAS Grant was ab contacts le to put Gis ella in touch Fulch’s who with Yvonne runs ‘The Bra nding Works a business ad hop’. She is visor with a long career in creative and both the the fashion w orld. Says Yvonne , “I performed a full scale ho listic business in order to id review entify not on ly what need improved in s to be the business but also the of the owners personalities and the direct ion in which their business they see and personal lives growing. “Gisella wan ts to be able to exploit he seamstress ta r lent and her daughter Jan’ style people. s ability to Working toge ther Grant an decided to re d Yvonne view the cost ing of the pr services, the oducts and PR aspect of the business location of th and the e shop.” Says Grant, “There need ed to be a co st increase in with the reta keeping il market. We also hired a company who PR specialises in retail PR. One problem whi ch was really holding them their location back was and size of th e shop. The meant that th location e business ha d no room to and the loca expand tion on Peck ham high road providing ve was ry little foot fall. The pres covering a bu s were put of siness locate f d so remotel “We perform y. ed a review an d identified th best place fo at the r the new bo utique would Road, Porche be the Kings ster Street or Connaught S The move w treet. ill happen as soon as a su site is found. itable “Another area for improvem ent and chan was the Web ge site; we have now added a consultation style service which utilises Jane t’s skills.” The London Manufacturi ng Advisory Service LMAS is a D TI initiative, supported in by the Lond the capital on Develop ment Agency straightforw . It provides ard advice an d practical improve man support to ufacturing co mpetitivenes It is delivered s. by EEF Sou th, the Regio Centre of M nal anufacturin g Excellence support of th , with the e PERA, the innovation co The London mpany. MAS aims to help manufa operate mo cturers re effectivel y, design bet create high ter product performing s, individuals, organisation teams and s and help m anufacturers promote th better emselves to new and ex isting marke ts. Says Jan, “T he input of th e London MA inspired us to S has undertake an in depth anal of our produc ysis t, level of serv ice, client da and market. tabase We are curren tly drawing up data as a mea on this ns towards de veloping a lo growth, invest ng term ment and bu siness expans “Grant and Yv ion plan.” onne were ab le to enable the company us to see from a differe nt perspectiv make some e and to much needed positive chan ges. Their intuition and specific experience w creative indu ith stries such as ours has mad very receptiv e them e to understa nding some challenges w of the e face in our business. Bot and Yvonne h Grant have appear ed dedicated and committ enthusiastic ed in their ap proach to wor us and we ho king with pe that this ne w input will as towards out sist us hopes for futu re business gr owth.” ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk