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NETWORKING CULTURES 69 British Chinese Community third largest ethnic minority in the country, little is heard Despite being the of or written about the British Chinese Community attaining a government apology for blaming the Chinese Community for the UK foot and mouth outbreak. As a website we were able to rapidly disseminate information to our readers and we became the central portal for the Chinese viewpoint. T here are officially 250,000 Chinese people resident in the UK, and each major city has a focal ‘Chinatown’. For Chinese in the community these Chinatowns are mainly tourist attractions and a work place for first generations. Today the British Chinese Community is far more integrated into the British community than other minorities. There are no Brixton, Brick Lane or Southall Chinese equivalents. In 2001, DimSum.co.uk was set up for everyone with an interest in the British Chinese experience – we reach all parts of the community across race and generations. Since its launch, it has broken boundaries, delivering news and viewpoints from what has been often described as the model or silent minority. Our innovative website and editorial content means we DimSum is also passionate about raising awareness of cultural and professional achievements of the Chinese Diaspora.  DimSum has worked Our readers are predominantly second generation English speaking Chinese and East Asian professionals, as well as Overseas Chinese students and professionals, who live or work in the UK. Our aim is to be inclusive, and this is reflected in the diversity of our wider readership, who are individuals and organisations who come from as far a field as China, Canada, Australia and Europe. DimSum relies solely on the efforts of a ten-strong volunteer group. We come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and geographical locations. These include the UK, Hong Kong, China, Canada, United States and France. We are also supported by a large network of regular contributors from around the world. Our site is popular not only with the British Chinese community but our network has global appeal. In 2001, DimSum.co.uk was set up for everyone with an interest in the British Chinese experience – are one of the leading online magazines for English speaking Chinese diaspora. Our mission is to continue to bring highquality content to our readers and to highlight the complex issues the Chinese community experiences in a predominately Western culture. Over the last few years, DimSum has been pivotal in the development of the Chinese voice and identity in British politics. DimSum has been involved with a number of high profile campaigns. Most significantly we were instrumental in with the Scotland-China Association’s Electric Shadows Film Festival for two years, and regularly features articles, interviews and reviews on all cultural aspects of the community. Most recently we have DimSum always welcomes contributors and volunteers. You don’t have to be Chinese to write for or volunteer for the organisation, but simply have an interest in Chinese Community and Culture. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with hui@dimsum.co.uk. created a strong network of British Chinese organisations, with regular events to meet and exchange ideas. As well as creating a virtual community, our bimonthly meetings enable corporate, community and arts organisations to meet and strengthen community ties. Come and visit us today at www.DimSum.co.uk ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk