engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 66

66 BUSINESS GROWTH silverdale global solutions A new innovative way to help your business grow silverdale global solutions specialises in helping businesses grow and have an extensive track record of devising innovative growth strategies and solutions for its clients. One new method never usually considered by the client is to sell back to a professional partner those contracts that no longer fit into the new strategy and which are holding back the new plans. results IT’S OUR BUSINESS TO DELIVER You know the scenario – margins were tight so you took on a pubic or private sector contract to tide the business over until another contract was secured more in line with the company’s skills and knowledge base. Suddenly the old contract is holding back business expansion back. Or The business took on a contract because you had the skills in-house to deliver it. The skilled person left and you are now having to employ expensive consultants to help you deliver. The contract is now running at a loss but you do not see an alternative. silverdale global solutions has the alternative answer which is very simple: for whatever reason, you are holding contracts that the business is either unable or unwilling to continue to deliver and failure to do so will incur contract penalties, silverdale global solutions will buy, subject to evaluation, the remainder of the contract, which is then passed across to us via a legal transfer. The business receives the cash sum less reasonable agreed expenses for evaluation including risk assessment, liability insurance and legal transfer. Give us a ring in complete commercial confidentiality. We can meet at our London office and discuss the options with no commitment on either side. The meeting is free and should we proceed, you will be presented with a costed and timed plan so that you can organise your business and start the growth process. silverdale global solutions reserves the right not to buy but you have nothing to lose in exploring this option. Contact: silverdale global solutions on 020 7504 1335 or by email: engagementdirector @sgsdelivery.co.uk engage | uk ISSUE FOUR 2007