engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 65

CASE STUDY 65 udy! 1 Reader Offer An Offer to Engage Readers: We believe that we can create a positive momentum through collective efforts and help environmental sustainability. We therefore ask engage readers to seriously consider making a small investment and truly help the environment and at the same time. Users will see a genuine reduction to their electricity bills through the use of EPS Power Saver which is currently only sold through Retail and Wholesale distributors. However, in this instance, direct orders will be accepted. impact The EPS Power Saver is now being sold through retailers and distributors in the UK, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, EL Salvador, Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai. We recently assisted the client in negotiating an imminent trail of the EPS Power Saver across the UK with the DSG Group (Currys). The product offers a 2-year ‘new for old’ guarantee with a RRP of less than £50. To date, more than 14