engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 64

64 CASE STUDY Environmental Sustainability stu SME Volts Ahead silverdale global Solutions believe in sustainability and taking positive steps to reduce the negative impact on the environment - do you? a case study We were approached by an SME client in 2004 to assist them with the business start-up process. We were asked to produce and submit a Patent application for their design; to identify a cost effective manufacturing operation in the Far East coupled with the establishment of an effective supply chain, and to assist them in identifying distributors to grow their business. The client business is The key emphasis during product development was placed upon environmental sustainability and ease of use. In fact, the product itself was so simple that we requested a demonstration to fully understand the capability of the product to achieve reduction in the electricity consumption. This small device (the EPS Power Saver), weighing less than 500 grams is suitable for residential and light commercial use. The EPS Power Saver delivers at least 10% reduction in the electricity consumption (based upon existing consumption pattern), thereby saving money to users and at the same time making a positive impact to environmental sustainability. The EPS Power Saver is fully compliant with all UK safety regulations and requirements. Through our network, we established the manufacturing function by partnering with a reputable business in the Far East and we provided assistance to establish a robust, yet a cost effective supply chain. BAME-owned, and employs a diverse workforce. engage | uk ISSUE FOUR 2007