engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 59

FINANCE 59 Chatsworth Consultancy Mergers are another no-go area for a lot of hard working self-employed and small to medium sized business people. Sometimes you can just get stuck in a rut unable to look up at the opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves to you. What you will need for it to work is the right solicitor who you can talk with and explain your needs and what you perceive as the benefits to you and your business. Your solicitor and accountant will then be able to ensure that what you are getting is what you stated you wanted or needed. But how do you get to the ^•[ۙH^H\^H[\^H\K]\۸&][YX[[[H]H[وܛˈ[HY\[\^\[\[\]]YY[ۙH[x&\[\\H[\ۈ][[H][[HZ[[H\\][HYY Y\[]H\]]܋HY[X\و[\\HZ[H\Y\܈H\[H]Z[\X]H[[[H^]]X\]\ܝ[[˂H\\Y\[܈Y\[\\و\[Y\KK[Z]Y\[Y\\\\XXXX[]H\[Y\܈][HHY\[H[Y\H\܈[و[\\[KHYXH[H]H[\X]܈[X[[ۈH]HوH\[H\XX[H[ܛX][ۈX]Y[[X[\[ݙH[[XXH\[\Y[HZ\YXH[ZHH[YHۙX[\ۈ[[\\H]\X[]K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈY\\[X]Z\][ۈ[H[۝X\[\[ۙۈ[^HY\\ X]Z\][ۜ\[\\ \ ]\\XKTQHT [YHZ‚