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British YOUth COUNCiL 41 Young People and Politics Q How do you think the political parties could engage young people and their political concerns? I think political parties could hold more focus groups and more meetings between MPs and young people, both inside and outside education. By introducing votes at 16 it would allow more young people to have a say and make them feel involved. Firstly they could show some genuine interest in young people. David Cameron’s “hug a hoodie” campaign didn’t go so well, I wonder why? Politician’s need to bring about real change and this can only be done by actively involving young people when they make policies regarding them. Q Which political party has the best Green policies in your opinion? London’s Mayor has implemented a lot of Green policies and Tony Blair did commit to cut carbon emissions at the Kyoto so it’s got to be Labour. In my opinion the Liberal Democrats have the best green policy. Do you ever think about the housing crisis that some say is looming at the moment? Yes, it’s becoming increasing difficult to buy houses because of the high prices. I think at this rate I’ll never be able to purchase a property. Rugena: Abdu s: Rugena: Abdus: Q Rugena: YOUNG PEOPLE AND POLITICS Q What are your views on climate change and do you think the current political parties are doing enough to address environmental concerns? Climate change is an increasing problem we are facing. I think climate change should be on the top of the political agenda before it’s too late. I think the political parties are addressing the issue and are effectively making change, however I think more can be done. I believe climate change is a very serious issue and more could be done to minimise it. Although politics is trying to change the publics mind on climate change, it really isn’t doing much apart from planting a whole load of wind farms somewhere and building more nuclear power plants. Political parties need to put pressure on the government to invest in the research and development of renewable energy sources. Rugena: Abdus: Abdus: The housing crisis will always be an issue with some, but at the present moment a lot of regeneration is going on in London and it is definitely better than a decade ago. Do you feel that you will be able to find the job of your choice in the future? Probably not as there’s a lot of stiff competition out there. Hopefully I will find the job of my choice in the near future. Employers and large corporations could do more to take on young people and provide training to those who haven’t got the skills. Do you vote? Rugena: Yes Abdus: Yes Q Rugena: Abdus: Q ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk