engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 35

ENTREPRENEUR UNCOVERED 35 Daniel Taylor A panel of judges including Daniel, were faced with the task of selecting Metro’s ‘young designer of the future’. They found themselves immersed in a world of ergonomic chairs, remote-controlled offices and solar-powered buildings. Each entry offered an interesting concept from hologram keyboards to chill-out rooms with soothing water features and chairs designed to look and feel like clouds. The competition was won by Alan Hong, 13 years old, of Rutlish School, Wimbledon. Alan designed an office with a number of unusual features including elevators that slow time on the inside (in case you would like a rest on your way up to your office), interior walls that can change into different scenes according to your moods (e.g. a relaxing forest scene to calm you down in those stressful moments) and ‘cool’ robots that make you lunch. Daniel comments: “It just showed how imaginative and inventive young people and teachers can be when inspired by a subject. Many of the entries depicted office environments that were right on the button in terms of future developments. It was also encouraging to note that some of the pupils considered environmental factors such as using recycled materials or solar power, making their offices both comfortable and energy efficient.” Daniel is 46 and married to Dawn who is English and her parents are from St Lucia. They have one daughter and three sons and live in London. Metro Design Consultants Unit 2, La Gare Building 51 Surrey Row London SE1 0BZ Telephone: 020 7928 9000 Email: enquiries@metrodesign.co.uk www.metrodesign.co.uk Further information Rita Vail, Vail & Associates Telephone: 020 7738 0722 Email: rita@vail.co.uk The photographs above show the diversity of Metro Design’s work from top to bottom: the reception area of reinsurance company, Endurance, the reception of housing organisation Ujima and the Chinese Experience restaurant in London. ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk