engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 27

DIVERSE SUPPLY CHAIN 27 challenges that the US has already dealt with.” Ms Butler’s role at SDE is to help large companies connect with diverse suppliers. SDE held a Supplier Diversity day in June which paired suppliers with large buyers in targeted oneto-one meetings. Ms Butler was involved in supplier diversity from the client’s side when she worked for Hewlett Packard. This has helped her to understand the motivation of those large corporations who have signed up. “They either wanted to make the case for supplier diversity, normalise supplier diversity throughout their processes or find diverse suppliers,” she said. Those involved in the forum are enabled to return to their jobs and make the case for supplier diversity.“Making things happen in large corporations can be quite difficult,” Ms Holford said. “Having senior staff from such large companies involved in the forum meant that supplier diversity has champ 2BvWfV2( РGvFW27GW&SFVgC&WFv6'W&rV&W"6W'f6W2vW"4DRF&vCƗf&B7WƖW"&VF2vW"4DR&GF7GW&R'WFW"&w&RF&V7F"4DP( Ćfr6V"7Ffbg&7V6&vR6W2ffVBFRf'VVBFB7WƖW"FfW'6G262BvWfV2( РFfBWB&R&WB7WƖW"FfW'6GWW&R"F&Vv7FW"W"'W6W72rFwwr7WƖW&FfW'6GWW&RWP55TRdU"#rVvvRV