engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 24

24 EQALITARIAN SOCIETY European Year of Equal Opportunities Changing of Black “There’s more of a listening attitude than there was 40 years ago. I can’t be simplistic and say it’s terrible. It’s a bit better but we have a long, long way to go before we can talk about an egalitarian society. Progress has been slow because racism, sexism and class-ism serve a purpose and maintain the status quo and control. The changes that have occurred are a result of pressure from black people and the ordinary man.” face Britain construction of the company in the market place. The company asks us if we can provide it with services that will allow it to penetrate the market place, sustain growth in those markets and reflect the composition of those markets. We then construct a set of policies for that company to include what it needs to do, how it needs to treat different types of people etc. This is organisational change and organisational culture. There are still senior BAME officers complaining of racism and going to the Tribunal but at the same time there are more BAME recruits than ever. In contrast, we’ve been very successful with the Army. When the Army approached us seven years ago it asked us to multi-culturalise it. At the time BAME recruitment 2007 is the ‘European Year of Equal Opportunities for All’ therefore, it seemed appropriate to speak to Professor Chris Mullard CBE, renowned academic and Chairman/CEO of Focus Consultancy. In a candid interview, he gives his opinion on racism since first writing ‘Black Britain’ in 1973 and describes the work and ethos of ‘Focus Consultancy’ that has ensured the company’s continued success. Professor, you began your career as a bus driver and then became involved in race relations, which led on to you writing your first book ‘Black Britain’, the first of many. In reality, how has society’s attitude changed since then? Has there been any real progress? stood at 0.2%, but over the last seven years we’ve increased it to 12.8%.” Professor Mullard Interview - Focus Consultancy Focus Consultancy is described as the ‘leading multi-ethnic and interdisciplinary consultancy in Europe. It specialises in equality, diversity management and organisational change’. How does the process work? “Focus does lots of research to correlate the best person for the job. For example, an international often global company, approaches Focus BFV2W2FBB26WBb77VW266W&rFfW'6GFR6BFR6RF22FRvRFVFWfVG&r&w&W2g&FF&GFBF26FRF&VR"fW"V'2( W"67VF7FV2vFFR&fFRBV&Ɩ26V7F"BFR7B2&VV&6VB'FR'&F6&גBFRWG&ƗFƖ6R6VBRV&&FRF3( v^( fRFRBbv&vFFRWBfW"FRV'2FW&2bG&r&V7'VFVBB&B&F77FV2'WBB6( B&VVVF&Vǒ7V66W76gVW"vVBR6#r2gVfVBFR( WW&VV"bWV'GVFW2f"( ( ėN( 2F6F66R&V2FW&^( &RG2b&w&W72BFW'2FW&^( &RR6R6VG&W2v&&&ǒF&RFFW'2BV7BN( 2FRvVFFN( 26FfR( f"&Rf&Ff7W267VF7V6Rf6Bwwrf7W267VF76VR666F7BWW&RF&V7Bf"7vW'2&WBFRWW&VVg&VWRV&W"brVvvRV55TRdU"#p