engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 21

BUSINESS SUPPORT 21 IT’S OUR BUSINESS TO DELIVER results results his month a new organisation of economic development experts is being launched. Between the four founding members they have 30 years experience of operating in deprived communities, in ethnic communities and with the businesses who are the engines of change in communities. We have worked with a wide range of clients from local, regional, central public bodies, regeneration partnerships, businesses and charitable organisations. today? Does your organisation need discreet professional support from one of our specialist members to deliver your programme? Are you a public body that needs to deliver Central Government priorities for sustainable procurement, business environmental benefits and the major skills agenda? Let us show you our case studies in providing specialist business development including, procurement & HR support, equality & diversity projects, bidding support, project design and management, and programme evaluation; let us demonstrate to you that we are cost efficient and very good at what we specialise in. T experience of working with the end users and therefore we add credibility to public bodies by providing cost effective and efficient service. We understand that businesses are fast moving and often experience difficult trading conditions. Let us undertake business reviews of your businesses, as business turnaround is a specialist skill known only to those who have experienced it. For example, we worked with a medium sized organisation consisting of 150 majority ethnic minority staff in the service sector who delivered a laundry service to care homes in the south east of London. By working with us over a two year period we were able to develop a growth strategy, In particular businesses need to grow to provide jobs, they need to generate wealth to spend in communities and provide facilities in localities. Our members have delivered on behalf of public and European funders initiatives in multi-cultural communities. Our strength is that we understand the communities and are credible deliverers of economic development initiatives. Our programme and project management skills have been learnt through practical secure additional funding for machinery, provide a training programme for new and existing staff and achieve a turnaround of the business from vulnerable to collapse due to cash flow problems to a growth business with an increase in turnover of 22%. silverdale global solutions ISSUE FOUR 2007 engage | uk