engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 14

14 NEWS FOCUS News How diverse do SMEs need to be? Over the last few years large corporations have begun to see how important diversity in the workplace is. A wider pool of staff coming from a range of backgrounds inevitably brings different experiences and different outlooks and many large established businesses and corporations are beginning to slowly but surely ensure that they are not lagging behind in this area. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) however, implementing a diverse workforce, is much more difficult. uk | engage ISSUE FOUR 2007 In an article in The Guardian (30 April 2007), Duncan O’Leary says: “Employing a more diverse workforce may be beneficial, but attracting people from a range of backgrounds can also involve considerable time, effort and money. Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often want to increase the diversity of their workforce, but for busy entrepreneurs the costs often seem FWGvVvFRVFV'FVB&VVfG2( R62FR&V6f"F22FB4W2FBfRFRf6RFGfW'F6RFR6Rv2&vW"&v6F2vV&V7'VFrf"WR'VrWG&V6v&627&VFrBv&WW&V6R6VVG2'Vr6v2B&fFrFfW'6GG&rFG27Ffbࠤ7FVBR624W26FVRF&V7'VBF&VvW'6B&fW76WGv&2BFW&Vf&RVBW&V7'VFrVRb6֖"&6w&VG2BWW&V6W2WfVFFV6VfW2B2&W7VBƖ֗BFV6VfW2F2b6W'6RW6VFW26RFVFƖ6G2v&Rg&6VGFB2B&VG( WGv&VN( ࠥFR6WF&V6VB&W'B( r&V7'VFVB26vrBvBGFW'>( 'FRFFf"FV7&7FV2FRWF'27FFRFBFRvfW&VB6VB7FWBRBV6W"f"4W2FfB&V7'VG2g&&6w&VG2ࠠ