engage magazine issue 004 \'07 - Page 12

12 NEWS FOCUS News Help for new ethnic minority businesses More than 150 ethnic minority students in Leeds have been receiving basic training in starting their own businesses. The students took part in courses aimed at boosting their confidence and developing their skills, and increasing the number of ethnic minority-owned enterprises in the city. The courses were jointly arranged by Leeds City Council, Leeds Thomas Danby College and the ABDN Minority Ethnic Enterprise Network.Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) has £15m funding available to help develop businesses based in Leed’s most deprived areas. For further information visit www.leeds.gov.uk Small firms ‘lacking encouragement from banks’ More than a third of small business owners think banks are only interested in helping large companies, according to a new report. The study by Yorkshire Bank found that that 42% of entrepreneurs set up a business in a field alien to their own experience, and only 27% have prior managerial experience. It also found that 36% of small businesses believe banks do not cater well enough for them. According to the report 37% of entrepreneurs who set up their business to be their own boss admit they miss the comfort zone of having a sounding board when making business decisions, and 41% said they found it hard to find the time to market themselves. Cashflow seemed to be the biggest concern for small business owners, with 62% citing it as the biggest worry, while nearly a fifth admitted to fretting about compliance with EU legislation. Ethnic businesses ‘not going green’ A recent report has revealed that ethnic food businesses have not yet grasped the market opportunities presented by the increasing appetite for sustainable (ie. organic, fair trade and local) food, now worth at least £2bn a year. The report – ‘Recipe for a Greener Curry’ - written for London Food Link, calls for support for ethnic food businesses that want to ‘go green’. It also gives well-deserved publicity to the current “green” entrepreneurs in the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic food sector, but also inspires others to build on their achievements and find new and exciting ways of bringing culturally distinctive, delicious and sustainable food to our plates. I Ё́ѡЁɕЁѼѥ݅́ȁѡͥ́ѼЁѡɕ݅QɕЁͼչͽѡ͕ͥ聱ݱЁхͥ́Ʌѥ̰՝Ѽɑɕ́хɽՍɔЁٕ՝Ёѡȁ́Ѽaɕd()%եͥɅAхéѼͽ)ͽѕ ɥѥ̀͠ ѡU,͕ɕхɽݡݹ́Ʌ́Qݥ́ѕ=مѥٕɅ̰́ɕɕЁѼ%եͥɅAхéɽѡչAѡ丁Qͥ́ɥ͕́ѡAхéɅ͕́չɥ́ፕЁ%%Ё́ݕх͡Ʌ%եͥͼ́ݥѕɹѥɕ͕Aѡݥ܁хѡɽɵЁAхé ՔɅ éɥхɕхɅ%ѡɽ͕а ́ɕ͕ЁѠɕх͕٥ݥѠɅ́ ՔɅ]ѵ́I̸Qѕ%Q ѽ݅́ͅѼѡչȁAхe̸UՑѕɕٕՔȁѡ啅ȁѼMѕȀ؁݅̃ ٴQ́ѕѼѕѡ՝Ёѡ́啅ȸ()լ%MMU=UH((0