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SOCIAL RESEARCH 81 Homelessness Sector Speaking “My personal experience of homelessness and all the issues surrounding it, is what led me to want to make a difference so that people could change their lives. Initially, I felt I could work with and through the more established organisations like Shelter or Crisis, but I felt strongly that I wanted my own voice and experiences to be heard and understood in a direct way.” Up Advance Joint Communications (AJC) is a Social Research consultancy which focuses primarily on the homeless sector. AJC is fresh – only in existence since December 2006. Andrew Campbell – Director – talked to engage about the drivers behind this bold new venture. to demonstrate his empathy with those that need his support. This is backed by a detailed knowledge and understanding of the sector. “I have travelled a long way, geographically and mentally, motivating myself and developing my skills and awareness so that I can reach a point where I can share this with others. I would advise other starts ups to go for it, but make sure you know what you are getting into, plan ahead, research and above all get the right training.” A ndrew has been working since he was a teenager in a variety of occupations including stock controller and security supervisor, but it is within the homelessness sector where he has found his niche. A skilled communicator, Andrew acts as an advocate to anyone who is experiencing homelessness. He has a warm manner and a non judgemental approach which enables him A highly motivated, persistent, conscious and serious individual; 2012 will see Andrew Campbell running a sustainable, community focussed business conducting pioneering research into the issues of homelessness. andrew@advancejointcommunications.co.uk www.advancejointcommunication.co.uk