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PROFILES 79 Investors in Talent is first and foremost a musician. His professional career spans more than 10 years. Starting out as a recording studio engineer, he had his first professional gig with Alexander O’Neal in 1995. Now running his own Creative Artist Development Programme, Roger is currently working with Jhenaya Rheal, managing and developing her career as a vocalist and performer. Roger outlines why, two years ago, he started out on this journey “I started to get a better idea of my own musical identity, because of this I wanted to focus on my own creativity, rather than someone else’s. I was frustrated by being in the studio, putting in a lot of effort into making something happen – with little recognition. On the whole session musicians are invisible.” Roger Baptiste Roger has recently completed a business course - ‘Bonafide’ - for people who want to set up or who are running a business in the creative industries. Running his own business has helped Roger to become more structured, more organised and more economically aware. “My musicianship has increased tenfold. Over the last two years, two people spring to mind who I would consider to be role models; Nixon Rosembert and Fidel Rosalis. Both of these men encouraged me to push myself, they encouraged me and helped me to develop technically. My advice to those starting out now would be this: you won’t get anywhere staying at home working from your bedroom; you need to be a foot soldier, showcase your work wherever you can, attend events, participate in training programmes where you will gain knowledge and meet like minded people. Do all that is within your reach to raise your profile, but don’t spread yourself too thin.” Highlights for 2006 In August, Roger facilitated a two and a half week training programme for 12 – 13 year olds – part of the London Borough of Brent Summer University. This meant that these young people had a rare opportunity to use state of the art studio equipment safely and productively. Roger Baptiste is a driven, creative, artistic and innovative individual who has used his considerable talents to mentor and develop others. www.myspace.com/mdproject www.myspace.com/jhenayamusique Projects (remix) portfolio Gwen McCrae – “Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” Stevie V – “Paradise” Anita Baker (WEA) – “Caught Up in The Rapture” Nomad (Rumour Records) – “I Wanna Give You Devotion” Alexander O’Neal – “Come to Me” Keyboards Session Work Clem Curtess (The Foundations) Gwen Dickey (Rose Royce) – Glastonbury 2004, all other Rose Royce shows Sessions and shows for artists such as Don E, Terry Walker, Kelly Le Roc, Omar, Lee Ryan, The Drifters and many more Television Jools Holland Show – Alexander O’Neal, Shola Ama Top Of The Pops – Another Level GMTV – Alexander O’Neal Tours Alexander O’Neal Another Level, Lem ()%MMUQ!I܁լ((0