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78 PROFILES Investors in Talent For the last four years, Ande Petrou has headed up dilema events – a north London based model agency. dilema models have worked on commercials, video shoots, promotional material and corporate events. As well as managing the 30 or more models on her books, Ande also organises events and carries out promotion for urban UK artists. “I always knew I didn’t want to work for anyone else, I tried various jobs, but I was sure that being an employee wasn’t for me. It wasn’t easy starting out at 23 years old but I knew what I wanted to do and I just had to go for it.” Before starting out, Ande made sure that she acquired as much knowledge and information about this particular business arena. Initially helped and supported by Dice Recordings, Ande gained the necessary expertise and established and developed beneficial networks and relationships. With just a small amount of start up finance from the Prince’s Trust, dilema events has gone from strength to strength. was doing it all again, I’d put my artists on a longer contract, that way major labels can’t just come and take them away, and I would definitely, definitely spend a lot less.” Her plans for the next five years, include taking on additional staff, raising awareness of the dilema brand in the UK and Europe and to make the most of the opportunities that 2012 will bring. The modelling world seems glamorous, but behind the scenes, an inordinate amount of hard graft is required to make it happen. Ande is a down to earth, hardworking and committed young woman, who has built a sustainable business from her own efforts. all Business High Point In 2006, Ande took dilema artists to Faliraki and Ayia Napa thus not only raising the profile of dilema and the artists within a European context, but also enabling artists to create in a different space. To those starting out now, Ande advises: “Start small, be prepared to do everything yourself and build a loyal team around you. Go on training courses, especially in the areas that you know you are weak in. Get everything in writing. If I things being equal there should be a huge dilema in 2012. www.myspace.com/dilemaevents engage | uk ISSUE THREE 2007