engage magazine issue 003 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'07 - Page 69

IntervIew 69 New Start–up Did you receive financial support from any bank, funder, or family or friends or is your business completely selffinanced? No, I have not received any financial support from any bank or funder however both my parents and partner have provided priceless emotional support and encouragement. What would you say are the key highlights or successes that you’ve had so far with the business? Highlights are getting my brochure printed and my website up and running. Also making my first order and having my first agent has been extremely rewarding. And what would you say you enjoy the most and least about being a businessowner? I do enjoy travelling across the UK to lingerie exhibitions and networking with like-minded people. Every day brings a new experience for me. There isn’t anything that I like the least really. I have a very good accountant which means I don’t have to worry about filling in forms for the tax man. Really, the rewards for persevering in business are very, very worthwhile. So, what help do you think you or other small businesses could benefit from? Advice on how to get the information you need to start a business. I think that a good business grows from a good foundation of knowledge about your business. I found that the scope of what is involved when starting a business isn’t always evident from the start. Information is definitely the key. I really don’t think that there are enough information services available that combines all the resources you need for each field of business. Business Link ran a few seminars last year for new businesses in the fashion industry. They were very, very useful but unfortunately the sector that organised these seminars has now closed. Finally, what advice or tips would you give to someone who is in the process of starting up a business? If you have an idea and you know what your niche is, hold onto it tight. Set realistic goals and keep striving for those goals. Keep researching your market and use the resources around you (internet, family and friends). Go to as many appropriate networking events as possible - or even set up your own one! Pamela Joseph Ltd can be contacted on 0870 383 ܁ȁ͕լ()]ͥєܹ͕լ()%MMUQ!I܁լ((0