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“We aim to be one of the best deliverers of business support services to start up, micro and small businesses in London and a Centre of excellence for Black & Ethnic minority business development” Corporate Objectives The main objectives are to stimulate enterprise and economic development and growth in London by helping the creation of new business, assisting existing ones to survive and expand, and attracting inward investment into the area. Since inception in 1994 we have assisted over 7500 businesses, created and safeguarded over 3000 jobs and set up over 1000 new businesses. Our Core Services Businesses at various stages of development require different levels of support, so do individuals setting up business. Our services are therefore tailor-made to meet specific and relevant needs of businesses and individuals. These are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Start-Up Services include: Introduction to seminars Business advice and counselling Developing business ideas Marketing and Market research Business and financial planning Business advice and counselling Business and financial planning Budgeting and budgetary control Developing expansion and restructuring programs Management consultancy Business health checks Customised benchmarking Management and business training Retail in Motion Procurement Development Programme Training Programmes Start-up courses Management development Marketing and selling Book-keeping and accounts Credit control management Cash flow forecasting, book keeping and accounts Staff recruitment etc. Finding premises Access to Finance Company formation • • • • • • • • • • Established business services include: New product development Identifying new markets and exports opportunities Book-keeping and accounts including payroll administration Access to Business Expansion capital Procurement and tendering Development support Gateway to business growth Specialist gateway to growth IT for micro-businesses Planning for growth and profit Customised benchmarking For Further Information, please contact us at: • • • • • • • • • • Haringey Business Development Agency (HBDA) Ltd 312 High Road London N15 4BN Tel: 020 8376 6262 Fax: 020 8880 9344 Email: info@hbda.org.uk www.hbda.org.uk