engage magazine issue 003 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'07 - Page 64

64 CORPORATE OBJECTIVES Haringey Business Development Agency There are also plans to recruit a 2012 procurement adviser who will be responsible for investigating contract opportunities and communicating these to HBDA clients. Future plans Not content to rest on its laurels, the future looks bright for HBDA. In addition to continuing its crusade to become the premier Enterprise Development Agency that adequately caters for the needs of BAME businesses in London and throughout the UK, HBDA has some ambitious future plans. Moves are still afoot to open an Enterprise Village in North London that will provide workspace, hot desks, and single business gateway systems. HBDA is intent on looking for business opportunities anywhere in the world where it can share the benefits of its business development and regeneration experience with others. Given the growing number and the significance of African-owned businesses, HBDA in conjunction with Ben TV and the London Vocational Management Training School recently spearheaded the setting up of the African Business Forum. This Forum will champion support for Africanowned businesses and promote trade between London, the EU and African countries. A subsidiary company was recently set up in Nigeria, which will take