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CORPORATE OBJECTIVES 63 Haringey Business Development Agency Gear Up to 2012 Discreetly tucked away in North London is one of small business enterprises’ best kept secrets. The Haringey Business Development Agency (HBDA) holds the distinction of being the first registered DTI-recognised Enterprise Agency in Haringey and has contributed enormously to the development of local and regional businesses. HBDA supports SMEs, pre-starts, micro businesses and individuals throughout London. With a bold vision to “Be the best deliverer of support services to microbusinesses in London and a Centre of Excellence for Black & Ethnic Minority business support”, HBDA strives to attain its 3 main objectives to: i. raise participation and achievement levels in the local, regional and national economy of Black & Minority Ethnic groups, young people and women ii. raise the business skill levels of managers for national competitiveness and improve effectiveness and efficiency of businesses iii. ensure that businesses and potential business people have access to the best and well co-ordinated business support services The Agency was established in 1993 by its current Chief Executive, Dr Effiong Akpan, whose role is to ensure that the agency is going places, achieving its corporate objectives and succeeding in winning contracts to provide highly subsidised services paid for by the LDA and ERDF funds procured. Where funding is not secured, a means-tested principle is used in charging for services, although new start ups and pre starts are not usually charged. Since taking over the helm, Dr Akpan has been faced with restructuring and programmes and activities and has played a leading role in developing and implementing them throughout London. These include: the Youth into Enterprise programme, the Housing Estates Enterprise Development Initiatives, Retail in Motion, the Community Enterprises Tender to Win and Black & Asian Minority Ethnic Tendering Initiatives. HBDA spearheaded the development and delivery of the LDA/ GLA flagship pan-London Procurement Development Programme (PDP) and the Tender to Win Programme aimed at preparing London’s SMEs to be tenderready for the forthcoming 2012 contracts. Dr Effiong Akpan repositioning the Agency to respond adequately to current market trends to meet the needs of existing and potential new customers. He has also spent a lot of time and energy developing new partnerships and networks to win some of the most exciting programmes for SMEs in London. 2012 In addition, HBDA is developing new programmes that would assist them and their client businesses to tender and win the 2012 related contracts. One such programme is called BAMETRI - the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Tender Readiness Initiative. This programme will build on the successes of PDP and aims to help BAME businesses deal with three prevalent issues which affect their tendering readiness: (a) Internal quality management systems and accreditation (b) Website/E-procurement (company positioning) (c) Marketing to the Olympic authorities and prime contractors HBDA’s effect on local businesses Some of the businesses the Agency has helped to set up are now turning over millions of pounds annually. Between 1994 and 2006, HBDA has assisted over 7500 businesses, created and safeguarded over 3100 jobs and started over 1000 new businesses. One prime example of such success is 2XL Recruitment & Training Ltd, which HBDA helped to set up in 1997. Today the company turnover is £3.6 million and it is a preferred supplier for over 8 public sector organisations. Between 2003 and 2006, it has helped to raise over £3m for business development ISSUE THREE 2007 engage | uk