engage magazine issue 003 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'07 - Page 62

BE A WINNING BUSINESS TENDER TO WIN Did you know that each year the Public Sector spends over £100 billion on goods and services? Did you know that your company can tender and win some of these contracts? The Procurement Development Programme (PDP) can help your business to develop procurement skills to become tender ready for public sector and London 2012 contracts. Haringey Business Development Agency ]ۜY\XH^\\H[ܚ[[[]\[\[\\ܝ[\[[ۜQ\[SQH\[\\XY[H[]\HوH[][Y[[ۜ[[H[[Y[وHܘ[[YH[\\\]H\و]YX[ܙH\\Y]ۙۋ܈HYHZ[[Y[ܚ[[YXH\[ۋX\H۝XXܙ]\X] LYY ۙۈMH [  H MH LNLK^  H MH LNL[[\˝[\