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56 sustainable communities Changes in Regeneration East Thames The developments in the pipeline are many but of those that will change the area the most are: • The proposed Thames Gateway developments • The Olympics and by implication, Stratford City • The International rail link t East Thames we have ambitious growth plans too, and expect to be managing 20,000 properties by 2012. But it’s not just about building homes, but creating sustainable neighbourhoods. In terms of innovation we have developed the only wholly mixed tenure scheme in the country which we hope will be a model for future developments. sustainable neighbourhoods East Thames is a thriving and innovative organisation with its roots firmly based in eas t London and Essex. It sits at the cusp of one of the most significant changes in regeneration terms that have been experienced in this country for many years. By Marsha John - Diversity Business Partner A As a business we are very aware of our economic capacity and we are committed to ensuring that we use this effectively. We are currently working on a programme to ensure that our suppliers reflect the local communities so we can better contribute to the economic sustainability of our neighbourhoods and meet resident needs. To this end we have introduced a Corporate Social Responsibility in Procurement Statement and are looking to actively engage with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who in the main are minority suppliers including ethnic minority, women and people with disabilities to ensure they have access to working with us. Last year November we ran our first ‘Meet the Supplier’ event to offer ‘live contracts’ for those businesses operating in the Maintenance and Development arena. To ensure the event was a success we partnered with Nichols Employment Agency (NEA) who have experience in securing contracts within the public sector. They also have been involved in advising government agencies in regards to supplier diversity and providing capacity building training for SMEs. Geoff Pearce, Group Director of Development and Asset Management engage ISSUE THREE 2007