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SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT POLICY 55 represents cities right across Europe, to find out what other countries are doing in relationship to equality. London emerged, by far, as the most advanced city for equality and diversity. So we’re doing very well on that level but we want to now bring in this notion of supply side diversity as being the cork pull of our equality framework and not just a simple employee headcount. Q. Any other message for our readers. BAME enterprises need to recognise that over the next 5 – 7 years billions of pounds are being made available. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the means have been made available and spearheaded by the Mayor of London. My concern now, is that the clarion call to black and minority ethnic businesses is such that people begin to consolidate themselves, to raise their game and to begin thinking broadly. The policy will create more ethnic minority millionaires in the United Kingdom than at any other time in our history, of that I am absolutely sure. So, the opportunity beckons, the door is open the challenge for BAME businesses is, can we raise our game and compete with the best, and I believe we can. London 2012: The future is now ISSUE THREE 2007 engage | uk