engage magazine issue 003 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'07 - Page 48

48 TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES Prevista How do you know it works in reality? “Thanks for yesterday, it had quite a profound impact on me, I felt totally empowered. Now feeling I have the tools to move on with my business” Colin Hume, the Shoemakers Elves “This course has helped me to run my business better and the mechanisms behind growth and success.” Francois Gamaury, Day for Night Films “Not only did I find the courses to be extremely valuable but also the networking opportunities. It was incredibly useful to be able to talk to other charitable organisations about the similar issues we were facing.” Nick Bell, Terence Higgins Trust. How do you talk to a real per ͽ!܁ԁхѡЁѕ хЁAɕ٥фѽѼЁɔЁ܁ݔԁȁ̸ͥ iɕ٥фլ܀ԁȁɕѕȁȁѕɕЁЁAɕ٥ф1ѕUѕ!͔9ѠI%ͱѽ18܀@()լ%MMUQ!I((0