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Training OPPOrTUniTiES 47 Prevista Did you know? Last year alone 319,000 new businesses were set up in the UK. Recent research has shown that 18% of new businesses have failed in their first year, 40% in their second moving up to 50% in their third. Don’t become a statistic. Preparation is everything, accessing the right business support, advice and training significantly increases your chances of being successful and boosts bottom–line results. urial orld So how do you find the right support for you? The London Development Agency understands the importance of investing in entrepreneurs and their impact on the economy. With the European Social Fund they are providing free business support for London’s entrepreneurs. • If you have business idea and want to turn this into a reality… • If you are a new business and want to ensure you turn your investments into profits as quickly as possible… • If you are an established business and want to diversify your product offering, move into new markets or train existing staff…. …then specialist support is available for you. The programme offers a selection of one to one support, seminars, or workshops, from some of London’s best Business Advisers, drawing upon years of direct, frontline experience across a wide range of industry sectors. They have an acute understanding of the issues businesses face when striving to increase profits and maintain longevity whether you’re a sole–trader, limited company, a charity, social enterprise or a not for profit organisation. How do you identify what type of support you need? Commonly, businesses need support in the following areas, do any of these apply to you? Business Planning Products/Service Development Accessing Sources of Funding Looking for Working Capital Legal Obligations Finance and Money Promotion, Publicity & E–commerce How do you know where to go? q q q q q q q To ensure that the programme is delivered by the best, the LDA held a competitive tendering round and awarded contracts to organisations with the best experience. These contracts have been awarded to organisations in each region of London. Working together we will ensure you are referred to the best provider for your needs. Prevista is working in consortia with partners delivering this programme in North, South and Central London. We have been providing quality business support and advice for over 10 years. During this time we have worked with over 14,000 small to medium sized businesses across London in a range of industry sectors. Our business advisers are individually picked to best suit you and your requirements. ISSUE THREE 2007 engage | uk