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BUSINESS BOOKS 41 Book Reviews traders, partnerships or limited companies. The franchisee’s freedom in managing the business is determined by the terms of the franchise agreement. Franchisees often pay a percentage of their turnover to the franchiser. Yes, women are doing it for themselves and nowhere is this more true than in business. In this issue Caroline Lashley reviews three business books written by women – aimed largely at women as they feature women-owned businesses, however men are definitely not excluded, and should find the books interesting too. In Good Company According to the blurb on the back, “In Good Company” is a must-read for all women who are thinking of starting their own business. Fair enough. It’s just disconcerting when it’s two young women old enough to be my children telling other women how to run successful businesses using the Internet and good old-fashioned common sense! A couple of very useful sections in here: watching your health and sanity and selling your business to the right bidder when you’ve done all you can. Written in a direct, no-nonsense style, it is pretty comprehensive, and certainly if I were back in my 20’s and thinking about running my own business, this book seems like having a big sister to hold your hands. Title: In Good Company Author: Rebecca Jordan & Kirsty Weir Publisher: A&C Black ISBN: 0-7136-7626-4 Price: £9.99 Social enterprises A social enterprise is a business which has primarily social objectives and any profits are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community. They are businesses distinguished by their social aims, eg. enterprises, community development trusts, housing associations, worker-owned co-operatives and leisure centres. Social enterprises can take one of several different business structures eg companies limited by guarantee, companies limited by shares and industrial and provident societies. Make it Your Business Officially launched on 31 January 2007 at a discreetly smart Hanover Square building, “Make it Your Business” is a comprehensive handbook written specifically for women, by women, that gives you the kno