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PROFILES 31 Focus on Ruby Parmar Background Originally hailing from Newcastle, Ruby started her career with the Inland Revenue in 1986, followed by 12 years at BDO Stoy Hayward. 2000 Ruby joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) 2004 Director 2005 Partner Entrepreneurial and Private Company and Private client team working for and with individuals with a high net worth (more than £5M in liquid assets). I n her previous posts, Ruby felt that she was doing well, but the move to PwC coincided with some significant changes in her personal life. Throughout her time here, Ruby has had the flexibility to be able to pick up and drop off her children at school, two days per week. The key here is not about ‘presenteeism’, it is more about being able to meet targets and deliver measurable outputs, and it is possible to achieve this through flexible working. During her years at PwC, Ruby has seen many changes, one key difference being that in the beginning, people tended to think more about groups rather than individuals. So for example Ruby was asked to head up the Asian market. Those assumptions are less likely to be made today, as diversity at PwC has increased in profile over the last seven years – with much work being done around understanding and using diversity in a positive way. Ruby has now established the Asian Business Forum, and feels that having the same cultural background as the business owners helps to not only build Ruby Parmer, Partner Entrepreneurial and Private Company and Private client team relationships but also demonstrates that PwC does not just work with FTSE 500 companies. It also shows that diversity is something that PwC takes seriously. Corporate Social Responsibility Current graduates want to know what firms such a PwC are doing about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), so it is important to clearly demonstrate this so that new recruits recognise PwC as a place that they could work in. On an individual level, Ruby is working with a start up charity in India, where she is able to put her language and business ͭ́Ѽ͔IՉ́!()թɅѤAչḾ܁Ѽѡɷé չ́ѵЁѼ͕A ЁٽٕɝͅѥٕQ啅́ѡ́ݽձЁٔЁ܁Ё́ͥѼՍȁɕѡɝͅѥ́ٽٕȁᅵȁѡQչA эչٕչѡЁхѕȁѡչѕȁЁ͕ٕ啅̰IՉ䁥́ѥѕѼЁɝͅѥݡɔЁ́ͥѼٔѥ͕!ȁ٥Ѽ܁ɅՅєݽձqѼ͕ȁ͕A ́ɕЁѼݽɬ׊e镓t()%MMUQ!I܁լ((0