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26 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT It’s about being a great supplier!! L) ondon (S Supply Logramme is a pr red by delive funded Pera and ondon by the L ment Develop signed gency, demeeting A t in to assisse aims. the It’s not about supplying a great product or service. Improving the capability of companies and individuals to win and deliver new business is critical to the achieving growth in the Capital. It is also recognised that for the Capital to benefit from sustainable and equitable growth across all ethnic groups and business sectors, new business opportunities are won and delivered by a representative socio-economic and ethnic mix of the population of London. This principal is fully articulated through the policies of th e Mayor’s Office and the GLA, and is enacted by the various Functional Bodies that come under the control / influence of London’s Executive Bodies. One of the clearest manifestations of this principal is a requirement for the Executive and Functional Bodies in London to operate procurement practices that ensure that difficult to reach groups are able to, and are encouraged to, participate in public sector contracting opportunities. Supply London (SL) is a programme delivered by Pera and funded by the London Development Agency, designed to assist in meeting these aims. For companies wishing to sell to the public sector as well as major organisations it’s vital to understand the needs of potential customers, whilst also being able to prove the capability to meet those needs and deliver value for money. SL will support businesses to become more competitive in the public sector procurement arena. It will achieve this through helping businesses become ‘Fit to Supply’. The programme will If you require any further information on the Supply London Programme, or wish to participate, please contact Dave Grange at dave.grange@pera.com allow companies to demonstrate that they have the required levels of business integrity to be able to successfully submit Pre Qualification Questionnaire against public sector contract opportunities. SL supports major regeneration projects in London and is working with partners to ensure that small businesses are informed and equipped to take advantage of opportunities. SL will contribute to the economic prosperity of London through the delivery of a sustainable procurement programme targeted at the London SME Community. It will heighten the opportunity for London SMEs to win public sector contracts from the GLA, ODA and Regeneration Boroughs. It is the aim of SL to create inform, educate and outline opportunities for the SME community in London, in particular minority businesses such as those owned by women, disabled or ethnic minorities in public contracting. A key component of the Supply London Programme will be the recruitment of the Contracting Authority Relationship Managers (CARMs). The CARMs will be strategically placed within the GLA, ODA and Regeneration Boroughs and will build relationships with project managers and buyers in order to sell the benefits of sustainable procurement, its contribution to the success of the London Economy and to the London SME community as a whole. Contracting opportunities identified by the CARMs will be intelligently matched against Fit to Supply SMEs from the Supply London databases. engage | uk ISSUE THREE 2007