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Sustainable Solutions ‘Meet the Buyers’ on Thursday 15th March 2007 at the Emirates Stadium, London Sustainable Solutions Meet the Buyer event provides you with a unique and cost-effective method of presenting your sustainable products and services directly to major UK buyers. Key decision makers and budget holders from more than 30 private and public sector organisations will be conducting introductory meetings with innovative environmental and sustainable suppliers with the aim of assessing potential suppliers and advising them on how best they fit in to their supply chain. Attending buyers all actively looking to discover new sustainable suppliers include: Bouygues, Skanska, Crossrail, Southern Housing Group, London Borough of Islington, Ministry of Defence, EON UK, Mood Media, London Borough of Haringey, Transport for London, AMEY, West Sussex County Council, Metronet Rail plus many more. Shaun commented: “As an independent assurance body, reporting directly to the Olympic Board, the commission will focus on assuring sustainability targets which will deliver immediate and long lasting benefits. From decisions on how suppliers and sponsorship partners are chosen, to promoting fair training and long term employment opportunities and tackling global issues such as climate change, sustainability and the London Games can set an example for the rest of the world to follow.” The commission is currently seeking experts from social, economic and environmental fields in London and the UK to apply for membership. Shaun said getting the right mix of experts from London and the UK would be critical to the commission’s success. He said: “This type of assurance body has never existed before. In recent times Games organisers have focused on the environment - the Sydney Games was promoted heavily as being the green games and recently Turino was commended for the sustainable management system which was in place. However, the 2012 programme for London is going a step further.” More information on the commission and the recruitment of commissioners can be found by visiting www.cslondon.org or contacting the secretariat on 0207 983 6519. How can I find out more? Angela Sobers, Action Sustainability 020 7700 0008 Fax 020 7700 0061 Email: angela@business-business.co.uk Website: www.actionsustainability.com