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DIVERSITY AGENDA 13 Procurement Responsibilities eans no sales... Top tips for your organisation … 1. Regard suppliers as an extension of your employed workforce, which is what they are; what should you be doing about them as well as your employees? 2. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – what are their expectations with respect to diversity in their supply chain and in particular, your organisation and your supply chain? If you don’t know, you need to find out. Determine the benefits of supplier diversity to them – and to you. 4. Think proactive not reactive. Treat this as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage, not as a compliance exercise. That way you are far more likely to energise your stakeholders and get results. a. Get sales, marketing, procurement, HR and diversity people talking to each other about this b. Get agreement about where you are with diversity and where each of them needs to be c. Get them collaborating to engage with your customers and suppliers Harish S Bhayani FRSA Principal, PRM Diversity Services harish@prorepman.co.uk or tel. 0845 330 6738 3. Take a helicopter view to consider: 5. The most wholesome and sustainable a. your organisation’s diversity philosophy approaches will not be those which specify and scope quotas, but those which actively manage b. the diversity of your employee base diversity by closely engaging with internal c. how your organisation promotes diversity and external stakeholders. in its supply chain If diversity has not been prioritised so far in your organisation, supplier diversity may well establish the tipping point; the examples above illustrate the potential for direct and significant impact on sales, and who can afford not to give that serious attention? ISSUE THREE 2007 engage | uk