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72 PRODUCTS Technology engage with technology In every issue of engage you will find up to date technology news, reviews and information. In fact we will go out of our way to bring the most up to date available technology to you. Sony MP3 Walkman, NW–E005PC 2GB, Pink The Sony NW–E005PC is as small as a pack of chewing gum and yet manages to hold up to 90CDs worth of music. To make life easy, this dinky delight comes with a built–in direct USB connection which means you can simply plug it in to your PC and transfer your music within seconds. Enjoy up to 30 hours battery life or, if you’re in a hurry, use the 3–minute quick charge function for 3 hours playback. It features a bright and clear 1–line display for easy navigation and includes SonicStage 3.4 software for easy music management. It also comes fully equipped with a stop watch and a clock and calendar function too. Price range: £86.90 – £99.95 John Lewis – Pixmania Jargon busters ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. A technology used to provide broadband internet over a standard telephone line. HTML – HyperText Markup Language – This is the language that web pages are written in. Icon – A small graphic image that represents something, maybe a programme or a particular function within a particular programme. USB – A convenient way by which peripherals can be attached to your computer without having to open the case up. VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol – VOIP is phone calls over the internet – a cheap way of making normal calls via a broadband internet connection. Wi–Fi – Wi–Fi allows a device to connect to the internet wirelessly. It is most commonly used by laptop computers. Sony TalkMan TalkMan is a nifty little package that will help you break down the inevitable language barriers that arise when travelling to foreign and distant lands. So you can leave those bulky phrase books behind, as this PSP title steps in as an electronic guide that provides quick and easy access to six different languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, as well as Japanese. Once installed, you are taken through the translating process by a resourceful m ulti– lingual bluebird called Max, who takes control of the PSP screen and is there to act as your personal interpreter. Price: £29.99 Apeplay.com Terrestrial Television set–top box VTX–D800U Sony is offering this stylish vertical design set top box that automatically sets up and tunes giving you the best in Optical Digital Audio output at the touch of a button. It also uses an Electronic Programme Guide with 8 favourites lists (4x TV 4x radio). Price: £54.99 Argos – Ebay In–Car Multimedia NAV–U Fully Portable Plug and Play GPS Navigation System with mapping for 27 European countries and TMC real–time traffic information facility (where service is available). With this Personal GPS Navigation System you get a 3.5” Touch Screen Graphic User Interface. It uses Plug and Play and incorporates Voice Guidance with an excellent 2–Way Separate Speaker System. Price range: £292.58 – £349.00 Sony Style online shop – PC World Business engage ISSUE TWO 2006