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70 NETWORKING CULTURES Turkish and Chinese £ Dr. Levent Altinay Senior Lecturer Department of HLTM, Business School, Oxford Brookes University, email: laltinay@brookes. ac.uk Tel: +44 (0)1865 483832 Fax: (0)1865 483878 100k for Entrepeneurial Research Turkish and Chinese Entrepreneurs in the UK will be able to tap into more effective networks and resources thanks to a £100,000 grant won by Dr. Levent Altinay, Oxford Brookes University and Dr. Catherine Wang from Brunel University. The project is designed to look specifically at Turkish and Chinese Minority groups in London. he grant, awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), will help community-based organisations and government policy makers effectively channel business support resources to ethnic minority firms with growth potential. Dr Altinay and Dr Wang who are jointly leading the research project said: “It is widely accepted that ethnic minority businesses already play a pivotal role in the UK economy. However, many have a huge untapped potential, and need guidance on how to become more entrepreneurial. They also need help to integrate Dr Catherine Wang further into the wider community, and to improve Lecturer their skills through training and education.” The project is designed to look specifically at Turkish and Chinese Minority groups in London. Importantly, it will analyse how socio-cultural attributes, such as religion, attitudes to education, family traditions in T Brunel Business School Brunel University Email: catherine. wang@brunel.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0) 1895 266712 business and their use of informal networks help or hinder their growth in different industries. Dr Altinay and Dr Wang will investigate the unique needs of ethnic minority businesses, and will build partnerships between academics, practitioners and community representatives to connect people with ideas, resources and practices. They will therefore welcome the suppor ЁѡɅѥչ䁉͕ɝͅѥ́Qɭ͠ ͔ɕɕ̸Q䁅胊q=ȁɕ͕ɍ́مѥٔѥ䰁ݥѡɥ䁕ɕɕ́ͽٔ䁉ͥ́ɽ̸%хѱ䰁ݔݥͼ٥ͥѡٕɹЁ́ѼѡȁЁѡɥ䁙ɵ́ѡU,ѡѼɕͥ䁍ɥєѼѡ今tIѥ́ݥͼѼ͕ͥ́܁ѼѥѥٔхЁѠɥѡхеɕЁх́ѡٕͥ́и()Iѕȁȁͥ́I)%MMUQ]<؁()ܹ饹լ((