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NETWORKING CULTURES 69 Sung Fung Foods products for top–end specialist shops and delicatessens serving the general UK consumer market. The London MAS then funded extensive expert help from food marketing guru Jane Milton of London– based Not Just Food. With Jane’s help a range of six biscuits with a long shelf life and appeal for the UK palate have been selected, new packaging and branding sorted, potential outlets identified and a sales and marketing plan put in place. Ketsalin will be hoping to attract big names like Harrods and Selfridges alongside small specialist shops when she launches her range – which includes delicious peanut dainties, five spice biscuits, rice twigs and pineapple cakes – at an exhibition next month. It is early days yet, but if it takes off as expected? Ketsalin is ready: “Investing £30,000 on a new machine to cope with additional demand is the equivalent to me buying a diamond necklace! Diamonds are a waste of money, but a new machine, now that really puts a sparkle in my eye!” The London Manufacturing Advisory Service provides really effective free or subsidised help to London’s SMEs looking to improve operational efficiency, develop products for existing and new customers, create high performing individuals and teams, expand their business and sustain long term growth. They will give a minimum of two days free help to every company and can also help businesses find other sources of funding. A free hotline provides advice on topics ranging from legal to environmental or health and safety issues. If you think your business would benefit, call the London MAS 0845 850 44 00, email info@mas–london.co.uk or visit www.mas–london.co.uk ISSUE TWO 2006 engage