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BHM 67 Black History Month Black BLACK BUSINESS AWARDS 2006 Saturday October 14 2006 Hilton Hotel Docklands, Rotherhithe Street, London SE16. Tickets from £50. Tables for 10 from £450. 7pm to 1am The Black Business Awards is an annual gala event that is organised by Black Business Initiative (BBI). BBI aims to promote, sustain and reward entrepreneurship and other civic contributions among the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Internationally renowned comedienne Gina Yashere will host the event and there will be a special guest appearance from Tim Campbell, the first winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice. Contact 020 7277 7333 Email: blackbusinessawards @bbinitiative.com www.bbinitiative.com THE BLACK HISTORY DEBATE Tuesday 17 October 7.30pm Wandsworth Museum Should Black history be an integral part of British history? Dr Hakim Adi, Reader in History at Middlesex University chairs the debate on what history should be taught in schools. Speakers Dr Caroline Bressey, Research Fellow at University College London, and Dan Lyndon, Head of History at History Henry Compton School, have both researched the issues in the debate. Free 020 8871 7074 IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS: BLACK HERITAGE TOURS WALKING TOURS Central London tours Wed 4 Oct & Wed 25 Oct 2006, 11am Fleet Street tour Thursday 12 October 2006, 11am Greenwich tour Wednesday 18 October 2006, 11am Discover London’s hidden Black heritage with walking tours led by the eminent historian SI Martin. The tours cover various London boroughs, examine evidence and tell stories of the early black presence in the capital. Topics covered include 18th and 19th century black writers and revolutionaries, Mary Seacole, Claudia Jones, William Cuffay, Marcus Garvey and the African Academy. Booking hotline 020 8539 7913 RIVER TOURS Sat 14 Oct & Sat 21 Oct 2006, 2pm The River Thames had a significant role in the development of the capital. These 90-minute tours offer a unique opportunity to explore London’s hidden Month USEFUL LINKS www.blackhistorymonthuk.co.uk www.infoplease.com/spot/bhm1.html www.black-history-month.co.uk www.biography.com/black_history www.history.com/minisites/blackhistory www.blackhistory.com www. &67F'F6wwr&&֖v&67F'6wwrƗfW'&67F'6Vwwr&fƶ&67F'&rVwwr7G6f6WfVVB&rVwwrFƖ'&&W2&rV&67F'wwr&&2vbV&67F'wwr&6WB6VwwrFvbV"&wwr&67F'F&rVwwr7W&fWFG26&67F'wwr&6VƖR6wwrWvvbV6W'f6W2&67F'Fwwr66V6VW6WV&rVV&r&67F'F7wwr&6ֆ7F'FWBwwr&6WGv&6&7F'7F&W"2&67F'FB6VV'&F2&RFr6R7&72FR6VG'F&FRVvR6G&'WFFBFR&66VGfRFRFF26VG'fW"FRV'2VvvRfR6W''6VBfWrWfVG2FB&RFr6RfW"FRF'WBFf6BFRff6&67F'FvV'6FRf"gW'FW"f&F( 2wwr&67F'FV6V&6W&FvRBFR&RbFR&fW"FW26rBFRFW'27F'BBFRFFRW"Bf6Bw&VVv6W"g&VR&rW76VF&rFƖR#S3s2Vf666V4U%4SG&GV7FF&67F'GVW6F#B7BFGVW2#fV&W"RWfVrW"vVVf"ffRvVV2b36GF6VbֶvVFvR2FRWFvVFvRF2ffRvVVG&GV7F'6W'6R&fFW2'&BG&GV7FF&67F'F&Vv6W&W2bV7GW&W2&WV&VB&VFw2BF67W762W6W'6RFVW26VFS( "vVvR'VVB( "FR&vbVG( "vvW&RFR6VBVwF3( "WfW'FƖfRvW7Bg&6V&R( "FRG&6FF26fRG&FRBFRg&6F7&$UT$TB$TDsvVvR'VVB'&&vƶW"F֗762g&VR'WB&Vv7G&F2W76VFâ&6V'VFFvbV55TREt#bVvvP