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66 OPINION Knowledge Record Straight Do we have to sell-out our Nubian heritage/culture to be successful in business? suggests Dr Darren Henry Setting the B y the time you start reading this article Black History Month will be upon us and many Nubian business owners while trying to maintain an honest living and meet the demands of the bank manager may not have the time to reflect on our rich cultural heritage. It is relevant to note that in the 21ST Century, Nubian people have unprecedented freedoms and business opportunities in comparison to the struggles our ancestors faced in previous centuries. I would argue that NOW is the time for Nubian business, political, religious and social community leaders to remember our previous and continuing struggles and reflect not only on OURSTORY, but also the contribution of our rich cultural heritage. OUR-STORY is not HIS-STORY. This means that Nubian scholars have had to take responsibility for setting the record straight, for our children and future generations. Nubian scholars recognise that, for the most part, so called experts don’t have a clue or idea about dates, times or events which are crucial to OUR-STORY. OUR-STORY has made vast contributions to all races, all religions and all their secret societies. OUR-STORY has often been suppressed or erased, but it cannot be made to go away. For example, archaeological findings prove we are older and have been recording longer than HIS-STORY. Please also note that it has been scientifically proven that all humans evolved from MOROTOPITHECUS BISHOPI in Uganda and KENYAPITHECUS in Kenya. This makes the Nubian indigenous to every continent on planet earth. Black History Month is our chance to remember to reflect to remind ourselves and to teach our children about our inherited right as the mother and father or root of EVERYBODY on the planet today. The input achievements and accomplishments of the Nubian race in reality could never fit in to just one month. We owe the celebration of Black History Month to Dr Carter G Woodson a distinguished scholar with a PHD from Harvard who in his studies found that HISSTORY books largely ignored the Nubian population and when Nubians did figure it was generally in ways that reflected the inferior social positions Nubians held during Dr Woodson’s life time. A plea then to all our leaders, do not sell yourselves short by selling out your cultural heritage. engage ISSUE TWO 2006