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MARKETING 63 The Hugging Principle Here are seven ways to start hugging your customers. 1. Create a customer profile The more you know about your customers the greater your ability to ‘hug’ them. Customers essentially fall into three categories: Buyers People who pay for your product or service. They may not ever be the end users i.e Retailers Users People who use your product or service, they may not be the buyers i.e retail customers Influencers People who encourage buyers or users i.e. media Customers are more than just a one transaction deal. The lifetime of your customer means that they will probably move between these three categories so it is important for you to know who and where they are at any given moment in time. Create your customer profile by asking yourself the following questions. Who are my customers? Where are they? What are their needs or concerns? How can I reach them? 5. Create your own marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M (save yourself time, energy & money) Marketing is an ongoing activity so create a system for anything that you will do more than once. Here are some examples. l Sending out information to prospects l What to do when the phone rings l What if you’re not there l How you will follow up with people who’ve responded to your marketing activity l How you will know which marketing activity has attracted the most attention l How you will remember who you have met at networking events l Following up with customers l Collecting referrals and testimonials Now create your own list. 6. Build your networks Networking is a skill you already possess, we network every day - with our family, our work colleagues and at social events but now is the time to get organised. It’s not what you know or even who you know – it’s who knows you, so get out there and build your networks. Networking is simply connecting with people of like interests for the purpose of uncovering opportunities, increasing knowledge or sharing information. More simply, it’s getting to know people and building relationships. Make a list of organised networks and check them out or create your own. 2. Become a solution providing business Customers are tuned into WII FM (What’s in it for me) and are more interested in looking for solutions to their problems or concerns than in simply purchasing your product or service. When someone purchases a drill bit they are actually buying a solution to their need for a hole. What are the problems and concerns of your customers and how can you tailor/package your product or service to meet them? What are your solutions? Knowing this will make the difference between customers buying from you or buying from your competitors. 7. Identify/create your business hugs With your hugging foundation firmly established start hugging: l Create a report or tips booklet about how to overcome some of the common problems/challenges that your customers may have l Send Birthday/Thank you cards l Offer a money back guarantee l Give away things for free. Can you offer free advice/information etc? l Give value to your customers, under promise and over deliver l Improve your response times l Ask for their opinions l Deliver workshops/seminars l Improve access to your business create a website for your customers l Create a loyalt 䁑͍չЁQ͔ɔЁͽѡ݅́ݡԁ՜ȁѽ̸ȁݸIȁѽ́ɔѡх䁽ȁ̸ͥ]ѡЁѡԁٔ́ɽ䁅ݥѡЁѕ䁙܁ѡȁͥ́́ЁɽݥMɕɑ́ѡԁɔԁɔɕ䁥ѡͥ́Ѽхаչѽѡ䁱Ѽ՝((̸QѼȁѽ)%Ё́ѼхͼхЁхeȁѽ́ɽ٥ԁݥѠɕЁͥЁѼȁɭЁЁԁ܁܁ݕԁɔIȁѡ䁭܁Ёѡ͕ٕ́ݡ䁅ͼȁͽѥ%ѡ䁡ٔɕɍ͕ɽԁͬѡ܁ȁͥ́ѡȁͥхeЁɝЁѼЁѕѥ̸ѡɔԁхѼѡѡɽȁȁɕѥ́͡ݥ((и ѡ)eԁɔЁݡЁԁͼЁ܁Ёиɽȁ̰Չѥ́ȁյȁѥѱ́ȁѡѥ̽٥ȁɕѥ͔ȁѡȁɕ̸]䁹ЁȁѼЁ䁕ٕ́ȁɝͅѥ́ݥѠȁхɝЁՑȁI()MAI%9%MMU؁%MMUQ]<((