engage magazine issue 002 \\\\\\\'06 - Page 52

52 FINANCE Chatsworth Consultancy finance Engage turned to London–based business consultancy Chatsworth Consultancy for some answers: “During our many years of helping our clients to achieve and sustain their success we have noticed that by the time companies have a record of success, venture capital is abundant. For your business to be viable you must be viable. So many times people have come to our offices with excellent business ideas but no personal track record of handling finances. Most start–ups have a cleaner, a tea and coffee maker and a general dog’s body and a bookkeeper, but what most people don’t realise before taking that step is that they need to be filling all of those positions and more. Access to Overcoming and breaking down the barriers to finding capital at the start–up phase is pivotal for today’s entrepreneur. The all too real and sometime perceived hurdles and barriers are seen as the number one reason to fail at start–up. Getting off the starting block can be harder than you think. The world of the business start–up can be full of clichés, bad ideas and bad advice not to mention dead ends and blind alleys. So how do you successfully start up any enterprise in today’s market? If you ٔͥ́ԁ͡ձѡЁѼЁѽ݅ɑ́́Ս́ȁɔ]ݽձ䁽͔Ёԁeeȁѝȁ͡ձȁЁ́QɅѥѡ́́ɽٕѼЁȁݡѼɅ͔хɥ́䁅ٕȁѹȁȁѡȁݽձЁѕeԁݽձɥ͕ݡɔݡݥɽ%ԁٔѡɥЁɅѕȁٔԁ՝ѡݥձЁѡѽ́ѼԸeȁɕЁȃLхɱɕѥɕЁȁɕչٕمȁ́ݽɭͽ̸͕eԁٕȁ܁չѥԁ丁䁑eЁٕɱѡɅ́ȁՅՅх̰ݡѕɔѡݥѼݥѠх%$䁙ȁٕѥͽͅq$Ёѡ䁙ɽ5ȁ`ȁ5́`ѡ䁡ٔЁɔѡ͕͗t$ݽձЁɥЁ$ݽձٔձ䁉t()%MMUQ]<((